Natural & Breathable Materials

The most effective way to manage your heating costs while allowing the building to breath.

The Oldbuilders Company is well known for our reputation as a specialist in breathable and natural insulation systems that function efficiently and effectively in the very different environment of an old building or the requirements of a natural build. Efficient insulation is not just about piling on thick insulation with no regard to its effects on other aspects of the building. Managing moisture, condensation, ventilation and heating is as important as the quantity and type of insulation - and that's why conservation experts recommend natural breathable materials, such as Hemp wool, Hemp-Lime, Sheep's wool & silicate Boards and insulated lime plasters, the right materials result in more effective method to insulate your period home.  Using an inappropriate type of system will cause far more problems than it solves, condensation and damp & mouldy unhealthy buildings are the results.

Importance of breathability  -  Donít dry-line, Lime-Line or hemp-Lime   -   Why use Lime ? 

Call our insulation specialist for a consultation : Henry 086 823 6451 -  Impartial opinion, when Oldbuilders recommends a suitable method and material its the right one for your job, we don't sell materials so you get an independent objective understanding of what and why its needed.  We don't give free advice but we do give sound and impartial advice at the consultation.

HEMP WOOL & SHEEP'S WOOL, for roofs and stud walls

HEMP-LIME solid walls in new timber frame builds

HEMP-LIME PLASTER for old stone walls


EXTERNAL & INTERNAL INSULATION SYSTEM, lime based mineral boards

LECCA Floor insulation or Geocell foam glass

Other types of insulation available, Calcytherm, Cork Boards, Wood Fiber boards, cork lime plaster

AEROGEL INSULATION where super thin insulation is required

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     Hemp Shiv sound Insulation and Hempwool

     Hemp Plastering


     Hemp Tulla

       External insulation, mineral  boards

       Internal insulation, cork lime plaster, Diathonite

OldBuilders is a registered contractor with SEIA Sustainable Energy Ireland. Somewhat bizarrely however some of the natural systems are not grant eligible.

Call our insulation expert: Henry on 086 823 6451 and view our home page OldBuilders Company,

We are specialists in restoration and conservation of old and historic buildings and the use of traditional materials such as Lime plaster and natural building materials. :       CONTACT US HERE