WITH TIMBER FRAME for new buildings

The Ultimate in Sustainable building use hemp and Lime. Natural & Eco friendly at its best - FOR OTHER INSULATION OPTIONS SEE OUR INSULATION CENTRE

HEMP-LIME WALLS, Hemp-Lime is formed around a timber frame, forming a solid, single skin, no cavity, extraordinary well insulated wall.

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Octagonal Hemp House
see the Tulla house on RTE's "Nationwide"

Eco building is not just about saving a few bob in oil bills, its NOT about  encasing your house and family in noxious chemical based insulations, resins and materials.  It IS about using natural sustainable materials to build your house, for a warm comfortable and healthy building.  Indoor pollution is the next asbestos/radon type issue, fumes from unhealthy unnatural chemicals that make up a normal modern building..................

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We are specialists in restoration and conservation of old and historic buildings and the use of traditional materials such as Lime plaster and natural building materials.

As study "BARRIERS TO THE MAINSTREAMING OF LIME-HEMP" by Paolo Ronchettie  Hemp-Lime