EXTERNAL INSULATION SYSTEMS, lime based mineral boards

INTERNAL INSULATION SYSTEMS, lime based mineral boards

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WALL INSULATION - MULTIPOR BOARDS inside or outside - CALSITHERM Climate Board - Interior Calcium Silicate inside only...

If you understand the need to use Lime plaster, for its breathability or more specifically its vapour permeability, you know you must use vapour permeable materials.  There are a number of fibre boards and non lime based materials, but suitability is questionable.  If you want to use a lime based material then there are only 2 solutions if you want to insulate your walls, internally you can use hemp-lime, in the correct conditions or calcitherm.   Internally and externally you can use only one, that is silicate mineral boards such as Multipor.

MULTIPOR IS A MINERAL INSULATION SYSTEM.  Lime cementatios based it is compatible with lime mortared buildings and fully vapour permeable. 

The material is non-combustible, humidity resistant and is stable in the presence of moisture.  It is totally recyclable. Thermal conductivity (λ) : 0.045 W/(mK).   The panels are dimensionally stable and compression proof.

Insulation boards are set in a bed of lime and do not leave any voids where moisture can accumulate.  The rubble stone walls are stripped and prepared in accordance with normal lime plaster specifications and built up to straightening coat level in preparation for the boards.  A bonding coat of lime and mesh are applied over the boards.  The boards are finished with a proprietary lime plaster, a skim coat internally, a sponge or wetdash finish externally. 

The proprietary lime plaster has been especially formulated to work with these insulation panels, it is made by the well known hydraulic lime manufacturer, St. Astier, the ISOCHAUX mortar is a non shrinkable, M5 mortar and does not contain cement.

Multipor can also be used for the insulation of cellars and underground areas, ventilated, slanted roof constructions, and flat roofs.  MULTIPOR can also be easily shaped to provide a number of architectonical details such as cornices, string courses etc..

The sheets have a standard measurement of 600 x 390 mm with a thickness of between 80 and 200 mm.  80mm has been price in this quote.  Full data sheet and environmental assessment available from our website.


Standard external insulation systems such as rigid phenolic insulations like kingspan or polystyrene, and in particular the polymer resins and acrylic finishes used in there applications will trap moisture resulting in a build-up of dampness within the wall.  This can have a huge impact on humidity levels internally in the building, which in turn allow mildews and spores to thrive, causing unpleasant smells and respatory health issues. It should also be born in mind that humid air takes far more energy to heat, and a higher temperature than normal is necessary in order to feel comfortable.

There is a lot of independent information available on the problems of high moisture levels and its effect on internal air quality.  This is an extremely important factor and should not be taken lightly when making your decision on insulating materials.

Hydrophobic and inert, it will not deteriorate or deform in the presence of moisture ensuring stability and durability (over 50 years). Highly resistant to fire (Class A1) : it is not combustible.

In conjunction with ISOCHAUX mortars, condensation is eliminated, hence reducing the energy requirements to provide adequate heating

Environmental product declaration pursuant to ISO 14025  - Declaration number: AUB-XEL-10106-D -  NATURE PLUS CERTIFICATE 

Thermal conductivity (λ) : 0.045 W/(mK)

Compressive strength : > 0.35N/mm2

Tensile strength (perpendicular to faces) : > 0.08 N/mm2

Vapour diffusion coefficient : � 3 (0.4m3 of air per h/m2)

Fire class : A1 (non combustible/non flammable). Fusion point 1200oC.

Dimensions (mm): width 600, height 390. Various thicknesses

Thermal resistance at various thicknesses :

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Thickness (mm)                    50         60       80    100    120     140      160     180    200

Thermal resistance (R)      1.11      1.33     1.79     2.22    2.67     3.11     3.55     4.00    4.44

At 100 mm thickness with 6mm ISOCHAUX render/plaster a thermal dispersion value of 0.02 has been achieved.


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