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Lime Plastering - We are one of Ireland's leading specialists in lime mortars, we have expertise in plastering, pointing and stone works in lime mortar.  Lime plaster maintains the breathability of your old stone walls and this moderates damp and condensation.  Why use Lime ?   Breathability is the main reason why experts in conservation recommend the use of lime. The vapor permeability of lime allows the moisture within stonework to evaporate which reduces dampness and condensation. The primary issue with Portland cement and other modern plasters when used in old buildings is that they trap moisture making the wall and the rooms damp. What is Lime ?  Lime is very different from modern plasters and cements, the correct application of Lime is critical, as Lime can easily fail if not mixed and applied correctly, we have extensive experience in using Lime to make sure your project is a success. And all this experience for very reasonable rates.

Old buildings are radically different from modern structures and must be treated appropriately For example, modern structures have cavity walls, old buildings have thick single mass walls, the functionality of these walls is therefore quite different. There are many good modern materials and methodology's, unfortunately many are just not compatible with traditional buildings, compatibility is the key.

Construction Services - Our specialist tradesmen, all of whom are experts in their field, include trades in masonry, plastering and carpentry, these in house trades, mean we can cover works in stonework, plastering, pointing stone floors, timber floors , stone and timber walls, slate roofing doors, windows, glazing, door & window hardware, insulation,  ceilings, foundations, drainage, finishes.
We can provide special skills in conservation works in one or more areas of your project, or we can handle the construction management of the complete restoration project. We're experienced in identifying the hidden features and fabric of your building for restoration. We have gained a lot of experience over many years and can provide special co-ordination with the architects and engineers. We can assist them with our knowledge on historically correct detailing or complementary design and planning. Our experience and knowledge of lime mortared buildings can be of great help to engineers with structural issues and appropriate specifications.
We have the experience to give you the modern comforts, whilst highlighting the historical features of your home. Most builders turn old houses into new houses, we have the expertise and 40 years experience to keep your charming old house looking like a renovated old house not a new one. Don't turn your unique building into a bungalow, we understand old buildings and what they should look like.

Traditional Skills - Our skills give us expertise in, addition to .   Lime plastering , and stonework, the conservation and reproduction of doors and restoration of sash windows, window mouldings, slate roofing , lead work,  cast iron gutters , Brick repairs Brick Pointing and the preservation of other period features. Sto.   Tadelakt & decorative plasters . Victorian Decorative tile work En caustic and geometric (Herbert Minton style) ceramic tiled floor . Our team of specialist tradesmen have the knowledge and experience to complete restoration projects to the highest standards.

Project Management - If your planning on overseeing the job yourself, or just taking a very keen interest in the works, perhaps your planning on using various trades or contractors you know, and or direct labour, then you should consider hiring us as site supervisor and project manager, see details here .

Insulation - We work with natural and specialist insulations suitable for your old stone walls; mineral boards,   Cork Lime  and hemp plaster.  For your roofs; hemp wool and sheep's wool. Natural and breathable materials are the key to comfortable and healthy living conditions, by allowing your building to breath internal condensation and dampness are greatly improved. The importance of breathability for a healthy indoor environment has been proven in many studies. Visit our natural insulation centre, click here   -   Don't Dry-Line, try Lime-Line or Hemp-Lime. Our company is experienced in the use of Hemp  as an insulation and construction material for a healthier house. Studies show that dry lining merely hides your problems (and in 5 years you get to smell them). Surveys show dry lined buildings over 10 yeas old, in 35% of cases, have toxic moulds growing. These moulds have shown to have severe effects on our health. Many builders around the world are now facing compensation over toxic moulds, what the lawyers are saying! . Many  standard insulations that are perfectly good for a modern building will cause severe problems in old buildings. The importance of breathability for a healthy indoor environment. has been emphasised by experts.  moulds are a huge health issue read about it here Moulds Health in the Indoor Environment

Consultation Services - Doing the job yourself ? why not ask the experts by using our consultation advisory service. We will visit your site in person and give you the benefit of our 40 years in the conservation business. During the visit we will go over your building from top to bottom, we will review problems such as damp penetration and structural issues. We advise and discuss what should and should not be done from a conservation point of view; we explain typical techniques and procedures that would be appropriate and compatible with the fabric of the building. We can also talk about basic design and layout, explain its construction history, and make recommendations to bring it up to your proposed standards and needs. We would encourage you to take extensive notes, record the session. We can provide written reports at an additional charge, these fees depend on your requirements. Consultancy services .  Occasionally those on a tight budget are reluctant to pay consultation fees, but we would suggest that if you choose to have a consultation, you will avoid many of the costly mistakes that owners often make during planning and building works on a conservation projects. If your interested, we strongly recommend that you have a consultation even before you start planning, as you may end up doing the wrong work at the wrong time without proper guidance.  If you consider that you are benefiting from our 40 years experience in the business during this consultation, you will realise that it is money well spent. More often than not, the cost of the consultation will be saved many times over as you will not make the classic mistakes in your conservation works which could amount to tens of thousands.  Further reading here Consultancy services

Architects and Engineers -  We would appreciate the opportunity to tender for your projects, we can bring real experience and traditional skills to your job to complement your design and specifications.We speak your language and can assist you on your clients projects where our conservation experience can compliment your own skills. We have the knowledge to assist you in preparing and specifying accepted traditional techniques to insure your works comply with good conservation practice.  

Natural Building with Hemp - Hemp-lime is formed around a TIMBER frame structure.  If you care about your environment, let us build you a truly ecological home from natural sustainable materials. Hemp-lime is warm, breathable and super energy efficient and we use tried and tested methods developed over 30 years in France. 

What is Hemp. OldBuilders were Pioneers of natural Hemp-Lime Building technology in Ireland. Why Build with Hemp. Green and environmentally friendly construction techniques and recycling methods can be applied at clients request. With some good experience in ecological technology, we were the builders the first Hemp House in Ireland and continue to be the lead in hemp building.


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