The building industry in Ireland was scuppered, its ok now but still its your opportunity......

Why hire the others when you can have OldBuilders at the same rates

From our perspective even though business is fine now, what we want, and what we want for our team of men, is to make modest living, not a fortune and get to work on special old buildings like yours.

Because of our track record, you might think that our tradesmen are going to be more expensive than less experienced men, but this is not true, in these recessionary times we can be had for the same rates as any other competitive contractor.  It is an unfortunate perception, especially in these difficult times, but is just not the case, our team of men can be had for the going rates charged by most builders and often less. What can cost more is the type of works, the specifications, methodology and materials that is typically used in good conservation work, the point being is that we don't cost more, the work costs more, i.e. the extra costs go into the building Not into our pockets. So if you choose to do some works to conservation standards and other works in basic modern standards we can do the basic standard works as well as the next man and it won't cost any more.

Obviously it is up to you to decide what kind of works you want done, budgets are a reality, you must fit your works to your budget, compromises are often necessary to achieve this, its better to have lime walls and upvc windows than no house at all, we can help you make the right kind of compromises, we can tell you what's important and what's not so you can weigh up the issues.

Our team is very experienced at conservation work, we are highly skilled in our trades and we know exactly what should be done and how it should be done, we�re not guessing or experimenting with your house. We did not spend the 10 years of the Celtic tiger working on housing schemes and bungalows, we worked on old and historic buildings as we have done for 40 years, we know what we are at. You can go hire a regular builder, he may be a fine tradesman and good decent man, but will he understand this type of work? Virtually everything done on old stone building is or should be done differently, will he know this or will he be just giving it a lash? A well known conservation engineer once said of a contractor following conservation specifications, but does he believe in it, the point being if the builder doesn't really believe in the methodology because he thinks there's nothing wrong with cement for example, is he going to do it right?, or say 'oh, that will do', as he throws a pile of cement over your beautiful stone building.

Our team of men are exceptionally skilled tradesmen and the quality of our work is well known. I am a specialist in restoration and conservation; I have been in this business for over 30 years. We have many satisfied clients and can provide excellent references.

During this recession, although we are quite lucky in that we are still working, we have gone from a waiting list of a year, and 15 men, to working month-to-month and 4 men. As a result during this downturn we are quite prepared to work with you on a very basic rate: we don't need to make a fortune, just a living.

If your not planning on hiring a contractor and doing the job yourself, or some of the work yourself, you still need to get it right, so consider our advisory service consultancy

Look forward to hearing from you.