The OldBuilders Company

For your restoration project in Europe.

France, Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland or wherever

We are only a ferry ride away with all our skills, tools and equipment......

Our team of experienced tradesmen can tackle your stone or brick house, cottage or barn. 

We are based in Ireland but open to opportunities and a new adventure abroad, you get the best experienced team on your conservation project, we get a new challenge and change of scenery.  Masonry, plastering, carpentry, joinery and complete project management, our multi European team, of Irish, English and Polish men, with in house French and German speakers available, we can swiftly get your project completed at very competitive rates. 

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     Lime Plastering       
Restoration Contractors
Restoration & Conservation Specialists 
35 years experience
Our specialist tradesmen, all of whom are experts in their field, include trades in masonry, plastering and carpentry, these in house trades mean we can cover works in stonework, plastering, stone and timber floors , stone and timber walls, slate roofing, doors, windows, glazing, door window hardware, insulation, ceilings, foundations, drainage, finishes. Work to be subcontracted: Electrical, plumbing, heating, manufacture of new windows.